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For over a quarter of a century, Westar Seeds International, Inc. has raised the bar by setting a higher standard of unequalled quality along with superior personal service. Today, our growing footprint is found in more than 50 countries, serving customers with seeds from our vast inventory, F-1 Hybrid breeding programs and our network of trusted growers. We partner in your success, and that’s the Westar difference.

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Serving customers around the world from the Imperial Valley in California, USA.

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Browse our vegetable, grass and flower seeds – Open Pollinated to F1 hybrids.

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We’re big enough to meet every need, but still small enough to know your name.

Westar Seeds

Setting a Higher Standard
  • Over Four Decades of Trusted Seed Expertise
  • The Highest Quality Vegetable and Grass Seeds
  • Proudly Family-Owned and Family-Operated
  • Seed Products for all markets and climates

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Our goal was never to be the biggest, but from our earliest days we’ve been determined to be the best. Growth and technologies haven’t changed our values and they never will. Going the extra mile for every customer is the Westar Way, and always will be.