About - WeStar Seeds

Westar’s Early Days

In 1992, after two decades of learning the seed business and rising through the ranks of multiple seed companies, John Sonza founded Westar Seeds International, Inc. in El Centro, California. From those first days, the company was guided by his determination to be the best, not the biggest. The proof, he believed, was in delivering more with every order and for every customer. Wherever they might be, and whatever they needed, superior customer service best described as doing whatever it takes.

Years of consistent growth followed. Today the company today serves customers in more than 50 countries in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. Earning each customer’s trust the old-fashioned way; never forgetting they have a choice and that a promise made must always be a promise kept. A vast inventory and an ever-growing network of affiliated growers ensures unrivalled Westar quality is always available throughout the year.

Looking Ahead

Building upon years of solid growth, the company is committed to industry-leading innovation, seen in the introduction of continually more efficient systems, new technologies, facilities and equipment. We’re dedicated to constant improvement and innovation that favorably impacts our employees, customers and partners around the world. Yet, for all these many changes, most significant is what hasn’t changed.

Westar’s technologies and facilities may be new, but the company’s core values have never changed. And never will. Our unique customer-centric approach can be seen in every employee’s friendly, service-oriented nature. A team led by hands-on managers you’ll often find out of the office and in the fields and warehouses working with employees and with customers that, often, have become friends.

Westar Team

Each member of the Westar Team brings unique specialized expertise and broad industry experience to the company, but it’s by working as a team, prepared to step in and assist wherever needed, that keeps the Westar Promise to deliver superior service to every customer.


John Sonza

Founder & CEO

Guiding every step of the process by bringing over four decades of experience to it, John’s dedication is to deliver the very best and to exceed expectations with every seed, for every customer in over 50 countries worldwide.


Gian Emilio Sonza

General Manager

His Marketing and International Business expertise enables modernization and latest techniques to expand the Westar Seeds brand and portfolio. Oversight for the company’s general operations ensures satisfied customers around the world.

Fernanda Aguilar


Provides International Business, documentation and logistics expertise for Westar’s domestic and international customers.

Xochil Luna


A strong sales and customer service experience assure office continuity, order accuracy and satisfied customers around the world.

Lilianna Vargas


Accounting experience enables Lilianna to oversee Westar purchasing and the efficient coordination of sourcing seeds everywhere.

Anais Perez


Supports the documentation, national and international, and the ongoing monitoring of logistics and other customer-centric services.

Zaine Hamed


Coordination of Westar seed productions, trials, and lab testing of products, and follows-up past sales to sample new products.

Catalina Carrillo


An accounting and business background enables her to ensure the smooth flow of documentation, sales and logistics requirements for Westar customers.