Each member of the Westar team brings their own unique and specialized industry expertise to our team. Yet, it’s individuals working together as a team, each prepared to step and assist wherever and whenever needed, that enables us to keep the Westar Promise: Delivering superior service to every customer, every order, every day.

We’re proud of our accomplishments, and how we work together with a common goal, but it’s visits to the fields that give each of us the opportunity to see how our hard work defines and strengthens our company. It’s what we do behind the scenes that is the real secret to our success, because it sets us apart in the right way, every day, for every customer.

John Sonza

With almost 45 years in the seed industry, John Sonza has overseen the success and growth of Westar through new product development and breeding and marketing of the brand and varieties in various parts of the world. He founded the company in 1992 envisioning a company that would elevate and make his mark on the industry. His vision was creating a more streamlined seed company, innovative global partner that put customers first while being mindful of each market’s needs.

The company was built with a non-negotiable commitment to go farther, work harder and do more for every customer. The goal has always been to support and grow the brand in different countries and expand the product offering. John has always surrounded him with the best people in the industry in order to continue offering the best service, products and information.

Best regards, John Sonza
Gian Emilio Sonza
General Manager

Spearheading the next generation of Westar leadership, Gian Emilio brings reverence and respect for the past with a bold passion for the future. Literally growing up in the fields and learning the agricultural business from all angles, Gian Emilio coupled that background with an education of marketing and international business. Building upon Westar’s past, he’s traveled the world working with breeders and customers in an effort to continue the advancements of product and the brand.

With an ambitious plan for the future, he’s led a systematic transformation of Westar Process, expanded the product portfolio and brought in more plant breeders. Bold new efficiencies in product research and development to seed production and supply chain are what will continue to deliver product that is competitive in quality, yield and resistance.

Best regards, Gian Emilio Sonza

In order to provide the best product, it has been at the forefront of our plan to recruit and incorporate veteran, experienced plant breeders at Westar. Many of them have worked for renowned global seed companies and have been a huge part of our success. With their knowledge, they are able to develop new hybrid varieties with more efficiency. New market trends are identified constantly and our breeders make their plan on what germplasm to use for new product development.

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