State-of-the-art storing and treating practices for seeds

We are proud to be able to produce seeds for vegetables and fruits that meet each and every demand for uniformity, climate adaptability and resistance to pests with exceptional detail. Even the most robust market demands are effortlessly met with our high-speed machine processing capacity, handling tens of thousands of seeds with custom labels, proprietary pouches, bags, cans, and more, for every unique market.


Our dedication to improving constantly is seen in precise, flexible, inventive tools to develop superior seed lines for parental and commercial distribution. We make thousands of varieties available in an industry now exceeding $5 billion annually — and growing every year.

Our objective is getting customers what they want at a lower cost. We utilize the efficiencies of faster machines, customized and more accurate labeling, and quality control sealing. Our smart packaging and automation empower us to store and transport our products and thus help feed the world for years to come.

At our state-of-the-art facility, the Westar technical team is expertly streamlining processes and developing industry-leading innovations, like rapid seed packaging.

Our advanced fungicide treatment has two powerful advancements: controlling disease and protecting yield. Our seeds perform great and develop strong, uniform in size and highly resistant plants with outstanding color.

Working closely with breeders around the world, we strive to develop new hybrid varieties that thrive in every climate and environment thus performing well in all markets.

We are known for our core strengths – onions, hot and sweet peppers, cucumbers and squash. While these are our flagship varieties, we work hard and use our expertise to create and develop new varieties in other crop categories.

Building upon our success around the world in over 50 countries, we are constantly expanding our global footprint, reaching into African and Middle Eastern regions with competitive products and trusted distribution.

If you like how we work and want to buy some of our seeds or become a partner, please request a quote, ask a question, or let us know what is on your mind. We will get back to you promptly.

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