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Great Results Start with Great Seeds

Whatever your needs, Westar Seeds has proven, tested seeds to meet your objectives Choose from dozens of products and hundreds of varieties. Vegetables from the most popular to the most unusual; grasses proven to deliver exceptional results; and flowers that will thrive and exceed your expectations.

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Your Request is Always In-Season

If you’ve missed your local growing season, or fell behind due to weather or climate changes, you’re covered. Westar grows in both the northern and southern hemispheres, and our vast inventory, Open Pollinated and F-1 hybrid programs ensure a solution that will meet your needs, keep you growing, and ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied.

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Seeds to Give You Superior Results

Our experience and success around the world gives you seed that will not only sell but also thrive. Our expertise factors-in not just recommended climate conditions, but disease resistance and higher yields. If you’d like to test yourself, seeds samples are always available. Just ask!


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