Citrullus lanatus
Phase: Commercial
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Type Diploid
Color Dark Green Stripes
Conditions Open Field

One of our most popular diploid crimson sweet watermelon varieties on the market owing to producing large sizes, with fruit averaging at 25 pounds. Great flavor and crisp flesh are certainly other strong qualities. Flesh is intense red, vines are prolific and spread quite a bit. Fruits are good shippers, doing well throughout transport. Rind is think allowing for the shelf life to be longer. Striping pattern is distinct and traditional. Excellent watermelon based on quality, size, taste and yield for this segment.

Highlighted Varieties
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Quality Control
At Westar, we pay a great deal of attention to detail in order to maintain the highest quality of seeds possible. Our rigorous quality control program ensures that the Westar Variety that is being sold has been inspected meticulously from the moment the production was harvested until the moment it is delivered to the customer.