What to expect when working with Westar?

What began as a career in the seed industry became a lifelong passion for nurturing excellence.

Whatever the season or the challenges, we at Westar are committed to satisfying our clients. For us clients are not just numbers, we aim for earning your trust by taking care of all of your seed needs. Our ultimate determination is to help you not only the first time instead every time you need.

We enjoy working together with our customers and seeing them succeed and grow…literally. Our team provides expertise, thoughtful guidance, innovative solutions, and smart strategies to help your business flourish today and tomorrow.

Westar draws upon more than 40 years of experience, innovation and industry leadership. Our promise is your satisfaction, and we earn it by delivering products of the highest quality, made to the industry’s highest standards.

To help you, we first need to understand you. Expect us to ask many questions such as what you need, why you need it and how you will grow your products. We ought to understand perfectly your needs to be able to recommend the right products for you.

We make sure to trial every variety we offer. Leveraging worldwide expertise, and proven best practices, we’ll make thoughtful recommendations and help manage trials to an efficient, appropriate and successful result. We enjoy what we do and make sure to move forward with guaranteed confidence in our products. Our guiding practice is to project realistic needs and coordinate production to meet sales.


How do we treat and store our seeds?

However the seed is produced, by the customer or by us, we begin a diligent treatment and packaging at our Southern California headquarters as soon as we receive it, preparing it for shipment and then for the market.

To assure consistent quality throughout the year, we utilize protective cold rooms, which maintain a constant temperature for our seeds and eliminates the potential variation of temperature that can damage seed germination.

The 40 years of experience give us substantial expertise and familiarity with import/export documentation. We meet the government specifications and can assure that our documentation is correct and our products shipped on time.

After all, it is our promise: Delivering superior service to every customer, every order, every day.

If you like how we work and want to buy some of our seeds or become a partner, please request a quote, ask a question, or let us know what is on your mind. We will get back to you promptly.


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