Cucumis melo
Phase: Commercial
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Type Yellow Canary
Color Cream Flesh
Conditions Open Field
Resistances F(0-2), PM

Great standard yellow canary variety known for uniformity and high quality. Fruit appearances are outstanding: perfectly smooth, yellow rinds. Deliciously sweet white flesh has a high brix. All together, the flavor and appearance of these melons are superb. Plants are high-yielding, fast-growing, strong, and resilient, showing tolerance to fusarium wilt and powdery mildew. Leaves are large and add protection from sun damage. Each fruit averages a size of around 5 pounds per melon. All in all, you get some of the best uniformity characteristics in any canary with this variety, plus amazing flavor.

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Quality Control
At Westar, we pay a great deal of attention to detail in order to maintain the highest quality of seeds possible. Our rigorous quality control program ensures that the Westar Variety that is being sold has been inspected meticulously from the moment the production was harvested until the moment it is delivered to the customer.