Una diferencia que verá en la manera en que le tratamos. El equipo de Westar está dedicado al servicio de atención al cliente.
Unequalled Customer Service

Whatever the season and however difficult the demand, Westar Seeds is committed to total satisfaction, earning your trust by taking care of all your seed needs – and getting it right the first time, every time.


Westar Seeds trabaja con usted como un socio comprometido en su crecimiento y en su éxito. Brindamos experiencia, orientación reflexiva, soluciones innovadoras y estrategias inteligentes para ayudar a que su negocio prospere hoy y mañana.


En Westar Seeds contamos con más de 40 años de experiencia, innovación y liderazgo en la industria. Nuestra promesa es su satisfacción, y la logramos con productos de alta calidad y rendimiento, fabricados según los más altos estándares de la industria.

Cultivar relaciones desde cero

Desde la apariencia hasta el costo y la comerciabilidad, nuestro objetivo es ofrecer productos con los que tendrá éxito y seguirá volviendo por más.


To help you, we first need to understand you. With thousands of seeds available, we’ll ask what you need, why you need it, how products will be used and grown, and about end users. This is all to get it right – just for you.

Seed Trials

Leveraging worldwide expertise and proven best practices, we’ll make thoughtful recommendations and help manage trials to be efficient, appropriate, successful, and to move forward with guaranteed confidence in our products.


With successful trials of varieties proven to be just right for you, we’ll help project realistic needs and coordinate production of seeds to satisfy anticipated sales – all to meet your needs, not our convenience.


However the seed is produced – by the customer or by us – we begin diligent treatment and packaging at our Southern California headquarters as soon as we receive it, readying it for shipping and for market.


To assure consistent quality throughout the year, we utilize protective cold rooms maintained at constant temperature to hold our seeds. This eliminates potential variation of temperature that can damage seed germination.


Years of experience give Westar staff unrivaled expertise and a familiarity with import/export documentation. We get it right and meet all governments specifications – correct and shipped on-time, first time and every time.

At our state -of the-art facility, the Westar technical team is expertly streamlining processes and developing industry-leading innovations, like rapid seed packaging.



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