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Transplant or direct seed?

We see this question often, whether farmers benefit more from direct seed or transplant in effort, production, and yield. Let’s define each, discuss the pros and cons, and talk about which may work better for you.

8 / 3 / 2018 Read More

New Westar seed trials in Gilroy, CA

Following the excellent yields we had from the seed trials we began earlier this year, we decided to set up new tests, this time in Gilroy, California. Seed trials in Gilroy About eight hours north of our headquarters, Gilroy has excellent weather conditions for growing a wide variety of plants. Hot days and cool nights […]

7 / 25 / 2018 Read More

Announcing debut of Palomina: A white short-day onion

  Following the semi-retirement of one of our most enduringly popular short-day white onion varieties, Marfil. Our unique short-day hybrid white onion, Marfil, has been the star of its category for 8 years running. It is our pleasure to announce a new hybrid, Palomina, will take its place as our new flagship short-day white variety. […]

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Ecological Agriculture: Why and How?

The benefits of ecological agriculture are obvious – the produce doesn’t contain harmful substances, therefore it’s healthier. What else?

6 / 22 / 2018 Read More

Sneak Peek at Week 6 of the Westar Seed Trials

Six weeks ago, we began our trials of one hundred varieties of our seeds to show customers the new genetics we’ve developed. In this article, we’ll share the first results of our seed trials. We’re excited about the outcomes! The plants have displayed good growth and health, and the fruits are tasty and of excellent […]

6 / 18 / 2018 Read More
types of seeds

Types of Seeds: Open-Pollinated, Heirloom, Hybrid, GMO, Organic

If you’re wondering what the words from the title mean and how they affect your selection of seeds, we’ve got a short guide to tell you the differences between different seed types.

6 / 8 / 2018 Read More
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