What began as a career in the seed industry became a lifelong passion for nurturing excellence.

Westar Seeds is dedicated to constant improvement and innovation that has a positive impact on our customers, employees and our planet. We are continuously improving our overall efficiency through the introduction of new systems, technologies, and facilities. These advancements are led by Gian Emilio Sonza, who joined Westar in 2014. With a background in international entrepreneurship and marketing and a passion for the family business, Gian Emilio was named General Manager in 2016.

Westar Seeds is headquartered on seven acres of land in El Centro, California. Today, we serve customers in more than 50 countries in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe – and we’re still growing. Our expanded facilities and dedicated professional staff faithfully serve our customers, while encouraging their businesses to flourish each and every day.

Our Goal Was Never to be the Biggest, but to Always be the Best.

In 1992, after two decades of rising through the ranks within multiple seed companies, John Sonza founded Westar Seeds International, Inc. in El Centro, California. From those first days, the company was guided by his determination to be the best, not the biggest. The key was in delivering more with every order and for every customer: more expertise, more support, and more yield.  Superior customer service, John believed, is what would set Westar Seeds apart. He was right, and years of consistent growth followed. Westar Seeds’ unique customer-centric approach can be seen in every employee’s friendly, service-oriented nature. The team earns each customer’s trust the old-fashioned way, never forgetting they have a choice and that a promise made must be a promise kept.

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Expo Agroalimentaria 2018

We are excited to announce our participation in the Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato 2018, we’ll be glad to chat with you on stand 825 & 853 as well...


Congreso de Cebollas 2018

6º Congreso de Cebollas en el Centro de Exposiciones y Convenciones Expo Chihuahua. Habrá intercambio de conocimientos, técnicas y experiencias durante el Congreso, además de la participación...


Our People

Each member of the Westar Team brings unique specialized expertise and broad industry experience to the company, but it’s by working as a as a team, prepared to step in and assist wherever needed, that keeps the Westar Promise to deliver superior service to every customer…

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